“Optimal Health starts with  
YOUR Mental Health” 

First Aid for Mental Health training What are you doing about Mental Health training in YOUR workplace? Do you or your staff know how to spot support or signpost mental ill health? Why are your staff taking sick days? Get in touch now if you would like to know how I can help you! Call 07821107526 


Your health and wellness is our business, we can help YOU work on YOUR mental and physical health and wellbeing  

Here at Mind Your Health we can help you recognise the signs and symptoms not only for your own Mental health but of those close to you and those that you may work with or come in to contact with on a daily basis. 
Mental health is starting to be talked about and understood better, but it still carries a certain level of Stigma, mainly because not enough people talk about it or know enough about the signs, symptoms and what to do about it.Getting fit is not just about losing weight. There is so much more to it than that. We truly believe there are 5 things you need to have in order for us as humans to perform and live to the best of our 
Good SLEEP, Little or no STRESS, A healthy DIET right for you, A good EXERCISE regime and Good MENTAL HEALTH. 
We can help you with all of these things, either on one of our retreats or bootcamps or one of our Mental health first aid training courses. 
If you are a business looking to support your staff in spotting the signs, understanding what Mental ill health actually is and then signposting them to appropriate support then we can help. 
Or, if you personally want to make a difference to those around you and yourself then we have a number of different courses to choose from. 
You will be able to approach a person who you may think is suffering from a Mental Health condition after completing one of our courses. You will be able to listen to them, offer support and signpost them to the appropriate places. 
We also offer: 
Mindfulness Retreats 
Personal training 1-2-1 
Weightloss & Fitness bootcamps 
Our residential retreats & bootcamps in Leicestershire are designed for maximum impact, so whether you attend our mindfulness retreats or our weightloss/fitness boot camps you are guaranteed to be surrounded by beautiful countryside to train in and the gym we use is our own private gym. The time spent with us will change your life and your opinion of yourself exercise and food forever! 
We also offer Retreats and boot camps in Turkey and Spain for private groups. 
Everything we do, from our Mental health training, Mindfulness & Exercise programmes, we do for a reason. We think about post camp, sustaining what you have learnt so it becomes a habit, so you can continue to evolve and change and become a happier healthier YOU! 
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