“Optimal Health starts with  
YOUR Mental Health” 

About Us 

It really is not about us. However, I appreciate you need to know something about me and my reason for setting up Mind Your Health. 
My name is Scott, and I have experienced what you are most likely going through at this moment. Depression, anxiety, frustration, lack of confidence, over weight, not fit, disillusioned. I have come through the other side.  
That is why I love what I do. I am so passionate about helping people fall in love with themselves, exercise, and getting you to understand the importance of eating the right foods. I also love the transformation that happens with people mentally, it really is a pleasure doing what I do. 
I had a personal trainer where I live, and loved how it made me feel so decided I wanted to help people change. So I studied and trained hard to qualify with some of the best trainers in the industry. I then opened a gym locally to me (Rothley Leicestershire),helping people change their lives.  
To compliment this, I trained to become a first aid for mental health trainer, so I can help people spot support and signpost others with mental ill health. 
I wanted to help more people, so, decided the only way was to run training courses in the Midlands, Retreats & Boot camps to the public and businesses, made available to anyone anywhere. Now, you have a choice, you can come visit us in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside or train with us in a beautiful part of Portugal on the Algarve, combining training and sun bathing at the same time! 
I am 51 yrs old, and have 2 children, Stephanie 30, Connor 27.  
Oh, and 2 grandchildren, Delilah 4, and Fletcher 3!  
Whenever I am feeling down, I spend time with my Grandchildren, they are my mental health go to thing. I love spending time with them. 
This is also why I do what I do, to make sure I am as fit and healthy as I can be, to be around for as long as possible for them! 
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